Classic Casino Card Games You have to try in 2020

Whether it’s an online or an offline casino, there are plenty of card games available on a casino website, or a casino floor, respectively. However, as always, some are still better than the other. In this article, we’re going to highlight the ones that you ought to try in 2020.

The most iconic casino card games

By iconic, we mean you cannot imagine a casino without these card games at their disposal. Some of the most iconic regular games and even the luck-based ones include slots and roulette. Without these games, a casino ambience is deemed to be boring. Similarly, there are casino card games as well, without which there is no reason for a card games lovers to visit a casino. They are:


We cannot start the list without this game as it is a crowd favourite. It is ideal for those who love to think. It is also considered as the ultimate card game that one ought to play at a casino. Not only is this game, the most important of all the other games we’re going to mention in this list, but it is also RTP friendly.  Return to Player is optimal for all the table games. There are various versions of blackjack, and each one is reminiscent of one another.


If you enter a casino and cannot get your hands on the slots or the roulette, then this is the one luck-based game for you. It is for all those players that love to play games of chance. The game is also called Punto Banco, and the outcome of this game depends on the possibility of luck. Unless you’re talented enough to control the tactics of edge-sorting, it is a waste to bet on the Tie. It has a pretty decent house edge of 1.24 per cent. Since it is based on luck, you do not need the genius to win this game.

Casino Hold’em Poker

Amongst all the poker variations, this is the best for all the newbie poker players. It is also considered another version of the Texas Hold’em poker, and it only involves two kinds of bets – Call bets and ante bets. When compared to the other variations of Poker, this is also a faster version, and you seem to either win or lose, right away.



If you’re looking for some online entertainment, then pontoon is the one you ought to get your hands on. It is one of those games that are similar to blackjack, and some people also consider this be a variant of blackjack as well, of course with slight modifications in its rules.


Red Dog

This is another perfect game for all the newbie’s in the house. The rules and strategies of this game are easy compared to all the games mentioned above and with a lower house edge as well. This makes it easier for all the new players to win easily and enhance their confidence at a casino.

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